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Slavomir Majernik alias „Pixelman“

Born: 1981
Position: CheEditor in Chief and graphical design

Is in charge of all text and graphics processing of all news, from pictures, through galleries to final editing of texts from editors. When necessary he creates Wallpapers, occasionally graphics connected to our webs. Occasionally he writes articles for use in our news. He as a editor in chief is in charge of all our editors.

Patrik Cabanik alias „Patrix“

Born: 1986
Position: Editor

He is interested in news from the world, writes about news from our partners and is in charge of info from tuning meetings. Writes technical information and compares stock cars with swooped and prepares them into tables. When necessary he goes to tuning meeting to bring fresh news on the scene.

Milan Dzadik alias „mInO“

Born: 1987
Position: Editor

Same as Patrik Milan is also interested in news from the world and writes about news from our partners and about info from the meetings. He also tends to attends meeting in eastern Slovakia to bring fresh news.

Jakub Drgon alias „Drgi“

Born: 1985
Position: Editor

Jakub is interested in tuning ever since he was born.....or that what he says probably different things. His friend has tuned his old Beatle and his mind has changed. His present car is being tuned some over the year and still no end in sight....or progress???? To tuning meeting he goes as often as to shopping mal, so hi is tuning addicted.

Patrik Sabo alias „Ice“

Born: 1987
Position: Editor

Pato is the youngest and most recent member of our team. He is only involved in fanatic news writing, he has not much time left. From which he needs to find some time for his studies. He enjoys investing most of his pocket Money into tuning. His favorite car brand is Mazda and especially RX-8 and he hates his old computer.

Jan Kaduk alias „Rapgowe“

Born: 1985
Position: Editor

He is also one of our editors, who focuses on preparing news from the world of tuning, or he writes reviews from tuning shows especially from eastern Slovakia. His love for cars has been obvious form the time he was born. He is mostly oriented toward American swoops in Hot-Rod style. His most favorite car is Ford Speedster from the 30., but as it is unrealistic to ride car like that in Slovakia his next choice would be German BMW E46 M3. Rapgowe is also interested into virtual tuning, which he has been involved since 90.


Robert Emila alias „Remo“

Born: 1979
Position: Chief of marketing

Is in charge of mainly advertisements and marketing site of the server He takes care of all campaigns on the site and is in charge of all similar aspect out the sites of our partners. He also supports ach chooses articles to supply to magazines and site for their promo use.


Peter Kuttner alias „Workaholic“

Born: 1975
Position: Final editing and control

Is the last step in the process of uploading articles, news and other content of the site He makes final editing and control before the article is uploaded to public server. Besides that he programs the articles itself in CMS (Content Management System) system.


Alexander Hulman alias „Master“

Born: 1980
Position: Webmaster, IT, SEO

Is a web master of He is the one coordinating and responsible for all the aspects of our web site. He is in charge of few external people working on the site, which actively create and work on our web site. He ensures no problem run of the site as well as development of new applications and modules.


Martin Vysny alias „Pedant“

Born: 1980
Position: Webadmin

Is the web admin of It means he is working in the background of the server on various active modules and on modules not yet launched. He cooperates also on technical creation and articles publishing and other news. Continuously to these activities he also takes care of actualization of archives of articles, news and reviews by using CMS system.

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